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Intensifying the investment activity is one of the top-priorities for the socio-economic development of the region.

The investment policy 2008 aims to attract investment resources to the manufacturing facilities and the most important investment projects, energy saving, export-oriented and import-substituting technologies. The projects will receive support from the state.

The most significant investment projects slated for completion in 2008 are:

  • technical reequipment and bottling production of Vechelye mineral water;
  • construction of 60- and 50-apartment houses and establishment of engineering networks;
  • further reconstruction of Ushachi Bakery;
  • technical reequipment of the construction industry;
  • creation of objects of the production and social infrastructure of the agro-town of Velikiye Doltsy;
  • reconstruction of cattle-breeding and hog farms;
  • purchase of equipment and other plans.
Corporate funds, bank lending and foreign investments are set to secure the investment growth. Major focus in boosting economic efficiency of the production will be on the reduction of production expenditures, energy intensity and materials-output ratio.