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The region’s construction industry is presented by the companies Ushachi PMK-66, Ushachi Melioration System Company, Ushachi Road Construction Department #105, a Vitebskobldorstroi subsidiary, Ushachi Linear-Road Division #376 of Road Exploitation Division #37 in the town of Lepel. In 2005 the region constructed 4644 square meters of housing and an agro-town in the village of Orekhovno. In 2006-2010 the region plans to construct 32687 square meters of houses, 20.4 kilometers of power lines, 29.3 kilometers of gas pipelines, 21.8 kilometers of water-supplies, 11.31 kilometers of roads.

Housing construction is under special attention. In 2008 the region is set to construct 8768 square meters of housing, 50 houses in the rural area, a 60-apartment dwelling house in the town settlement of Ushachi. Ushachi has already launched the construction of a 50-apartment house.