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The Ushachi region was founded in July 17, 1924. It is located in the central part of the Vitebsk oblast. The region borders on the Shumilino, Beshenkovichi, Lepel, Dokshitsy, Glubokoe and Polotsk regions. The area of the region is 1.500 square kilometers. The length from west to east is 65 kilometers, from north to south 30 kilometers. The major part of the region is located within the bounds of the Ushachi-Lepel Upland; the north-east part is within the bounds of the Polotsk Lowland. The highest point of the Ushach region is 239 meters above sea level, the lowest point is 127 meters. The average temperature in January is - 7,3° С, July - +17,8° С.

The average annual precipitation is 600-650 mm. Forests cover 45% of the territory of the region. There are eleven rivers running through the territory of the Ushachi region, namely, the Zapadnaya Dvina River with its confluents Ushacha and Turovlyanka. There are more than 150 lakes in the region including five lakes having the area more than 7.5 square kilometers (Yanovo, Cherstvyadskoe, Paulskoe, Otolovo, Polozerie).

The highways Polotsk-Ushachi-Lepel-Minsk, Polotsk-Lepel-Minsk, Ushachi-Vitebsk and others run through the region.
The town of Ushachi is the center of the Ushachi region. It is located on the river of Ushacha, 150 kilometers away from Vitebsk and 210 kilometers away from Minsk.