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The department of ideological work, culture and youth affairs of the Ushachi district executive committee implements the state cultural policy on the territory of the district, coordinates the activities of cultural and art institutions.

The main goals and objectives of the department are:

- wide informing of the population about the activities of the President of the Republic of Belarus, National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus, Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk regional Council of deputies, regional Executive Committee, Ushachi regional Council of deputies, Ushachi district Executive Committee, other state agencies;

- implementation of the state policy in the field of mass media, publishing and printing activities, book distribution, culture, implementation of the rights of citizens to freedom of artistic creativity, participation in cultural life and use of cultural achievements, access to cultural values;

- information and ideological support of political campaigns, actions, holidays, festivals, conferences and other events of national and ideological significance in the region;

- organization of informing of inhabitants of the district, provision and coordination of advocacy groups, together with the common days of informing the population, the generalization of citizens and legal entities received during meetings in labor collectives and at the place of residence, control over deadlines, data on the results of these meetings;

- implementation of the state youth policy in the district, coordination of activities in the field of youth policy, as well as ensuring the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of young citizens;

- promoting the development of national minority cultures;

- promoting the creation and popularization of cultural values that are highly artistic and moral in nature, the formation of a system of aesthetic education and improving the content of cultural recreation of the population.

Contact details:

Alekseyenok Pyotr Alexandrovich - head, tel. 8 (02158) 5 84 45

Belskaya Irina Viktorovna - chief specialist, tel. 8 (02158) 5 86 04

Gardienok Nadezhda Ivanovna - chief specialist, tel. 8 (02158) 5 08-56

Time of personal reception of citizens by the head of the department:

The fourth Tuesday of the month from 8.00 to 13.00, Ushachsky district Executive Committee,

office No. 67, 3rd floor, tel. 8 (02158) 5 84 45 (Ushachi, Leninskaya str., 12)

the book of comments and suggestions is located in office no. 99.

responsible for maintaining the book of comments and suggestions –

Gardienok Nadezhda Ivanovna, Chief specialist of the Department, tel. 5 08-56.

Institutions subordinate to the department:

State Cultural Institution "Ushachi District Center of Culture and Folk Art»

Director Litvin Valentina Vladimirovna

Ushachi district Center of culture and folk art – 1,

country houses of culture - 5,

country clubs - 6,

auto club - 1,

house of crafts -1.

211524, Ushachi, Leninskaya str., 27

tel. / fax: 8 (02158) 5 84-86

e-mail: rmс

State culture establishment "Ushachi Central Library System»,

Director Shkarubo Lidiya Mikhailovna

Ushachi District Library named after E. Los -1,

Ushachi children's library-branch №1 – 1,

Library-club village Sloboda - 1,

Libraries-branches of country settlements-14.

211524, Ushachi, Leninskaya str., 32

tel. 5-17-74


State educational institution "Ushachi children's school of arts",

Headmaster Parashkin Sergey Vasilyevich

Branch in agro-town Orekhovno - 1,

Branch in agro-town Glybochka - 1.

211524 Ushachi, Leninskaya str., 13 tel. 5 11 48, 5 77 49


Cultural institution "Ushachi museum of national glory named in honor of hero of the Soviet Union V. Lobanok»,

Director Bugay Natalia Petrovna

Branch memorial complex "Proryv", village Plino - 1,

Branch "Manor-museum of the family V. Bykov". Village Bychki - 1.

211524, Ushachi, Leninskaya str., 29

tel. 5-88-53, 5-86-92


The parent organization:

Ushachi District Executive Committee

12 Leninskaya str., Ushachi, 211524,

tel. +375 (2158) 5 86 45 (reception)


Main Department of Ideological Work and Youth Affairs

Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee

6 Gogol str., Vitebsk, 210010,

fax: 8 (0212) 48-00-60 (reception)

Department of Culture of the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee

6 Gogol str., Vitebsk, 210010,tel: 8 (0212) 42 52 15 (reception)

Ten teams of the Ushachi district have the title of "national" and “exemplary”:

Folk Club of National Cultures “Druzhba” of Ushachi Automobile Club

(established in 2001)

Head of the club – Matsulevich Olga Alekseevna

The club brings together representatives of six nationalities: Kazakh, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Belorussian, Bashkir and other. Members of the club have their own national costumes.

Each event of the club is an unforgettable celebration of hospitality, warmth, attention to each participant, an opportunity to plunge into the national traditions of different peoples. Members of the club popularize their national games, songs, dances, and folk crafts.

Club "Druzhba" is an active participant of district, regional, international holidays, shows, competitions. He constantly takes part in the regional holiday and the republican festival of national cultures "Nas z'yadnala zyamlya Belarus".

People's club of national cuisine "Prysmaki" of the state cultural institution "Ushachi District Center of Culture and Folk Art "

(established in 1998)

Head - Siskovic Tatiana

Very popular among people in town enjoyed folk club national cuisine "Prysmaki". On the basis of ancient games, rituals, customs, club members create entertainment programs, theatrical performances. The repertoire of the group includes ritual songs and household dances, recipes of regional cuisine.

Club members developed booklets "Ushatsky prysmaki", "Nasha strava usim stravam – Belaruski suvenir".

The team is an active participant of regional and regional holidays, shows, competitions. He takes part in the international festivals of song and music of the Dnieper region "Dnipro voices in Dubrovno", "Zvinyats tsymbaly i garmonik" in Postavy, "Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk".

Public Club of Labor Veterans "Veteran" of the state cultural institution "Ushachi District Center of Culture and Folk Art "

(established in 1999)

Head of the club - Inna Klimova

Concertmaster - Korotkaya Vera Eduardovna

Members of the Veteran club organize meetings with interesting people-writers, poets, artists, organize excursions to interesting places in Belarus. The Veteran club for patriotic education of the younger generation is working fruitfully. Quarterly meetings, "hours of courage", memorial evenings, literary and musical compositions with the participation of schoolchildren and young people are held.

Many members of the club discovered their talents to sing, dance, and write poetry.

The Veteran Folk Club has created a choir with a repertoire of more than 120 patriotic, lyrical, Belarusian and Russian folk songs. Along with the songs of famous Soviet composers, the author's songs of poets and composers of Ushachi are performed. The choir of the club " Veteran" is a regular participant of regional events, the regional festival of folk art of veteran collectives "Veterans do not grow old with their soul".

People's Club of Masters and amateur artists "Adrajenne" of the state cultural institution "Ushachi District Center of Culture and Folk Art "

(established in 1993)

Head of the club - Spiridonova Svetlana Petrovna

National masters club "Adradjenne" engaged in the revival and promotion of traditional Belarusian crafts. It unites masters of wood carving, straw weaving, vytynanka, straw and cloth applications, embroidery, knitting, patchwork, hand weaving, artists and potters.

Members of the club are active participants of district, regional, republican holidays, competitions, and shows. They represent the district at various international festivals and fairs.

People's Club of creative meetings "Muza" of the state cultural institution "Ushachi District Center of Culture and Folk Art "

(established in 1993)

Head of the club - Dunets Lyudmila Yakovlevna

The club "Muza" includes amateur poets, writers, composers, musicians and singers.

The main tasks of the club are the search and development of new talents, spending free time with benefits, promoting national literature and culture.

Promote the activities of the club "Muza" promotes local newspaper "Patriot", where each quarter comes a literary page "Nerush" with works by members of the club "Muza".

The people's folk group "Matyrinskaya spadchina"

Village Matyryno country club

(established in 1987)

Director –

The repertoire of the folk group "Matyrynskaya Spadchyna" consists of more than 70 calendar and family ritual songs, about 20 local household dances.

Every year the folk, the team held ceremonies to "Caroling", "Valachobniki", "Zazhinki", "Dozhinki", the traditional game "Tereshka’s Marriage ", festivals "Kupalle", "Bagach". During its existence, the band revived "bitrh" and "marriage" ceremonies, songs all annual calendar of national holidays, songs, family rituals.

Removed video "Persy Dzen Maladoj", "Daroga da Vianca", "Abradavaja Ezha”, ‘’Kliozki z dushami". A video was made of 19 household dances that were danced in Ushachi.

The folklore group participated in the filming of the TV show "Zaprashaem na Vyachorki". "Matyrynskaya Spadchyna" is an active participant of regional, regional, regional, international festivals, parades, contests.

The companion group of young participants of "Spadchyna" adopts traditions, local ritual songs and dances collected over 30 years of work of the folklore group "Matyrynskaya Spadchyna". The team is an active participant of district, regional, international holidays, shows, competitions.

Exemplary folklore ensemble "Spadchina"

Matyrino country club

(established in 1995)

Head - Galina Rudenok

Director - Shalyga Kirill Alexandrovich

Children folklore group " Spadchina " based on Matyrino country house of culture in 1995 as a team-the satellite the people's folklore group "Matyrynskaya spadchina ". During its existence, more than one line-up of participants has changed. Now the team consists of 16 participants. The permanent head of the team is Galina Rudenok.

The team is doing a lot of work on the revival and preservation of national culture. Members of the collective are engaged in the development and revival of traditional holidays and rituals that existed on the territory of the Ushachi district. Together with the folk collective "Matyrynskaya Spadchyna" is a constant participant in most of the events held in the Matyryno village club, district and region in the folklore direction.

In order to study intangible cultural values and preserve the singing style of the Ushachi region, the team members collect and record ritual songs from the residents of the district.

The repertoire of the group consists of 27 household dances, 32 ritual songs, round dances and rites.