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Culture and Mass Media

 The network of cultural institutions of the Ushachi region is represented by the regional methodological centre, the Regional House of Culture, 4 rural houses of culture, 13 rural centres of culture, 2 rural libraries, the House of Crafts, the Ushachi children’s art school, the Glybochka rural children’s music school, the Ushachi Central Regional Library, children’s library-branch #1 and library-branch #2 in Ushachi, 20 libraries-branches in villages including Orekhovo library #22 and Iljushino library #33, craftsmen centre “Renaissance”, club “Veteran”, art club “Muse” of the Regional House of Culture, club of the Belarusian national cuisine “Prysmaki”, folk group “Matyrynskaya Spadchyna”, club of national cultures “Friendship”, quartet “Vdokhnovenie” of the children’s art school. Students of the Ushachi children’s art school Ludmila Dobrovolskaya and Natalia Shakh (accordion department) and also Natalia Philimonova (pop music department) and Alina Sidorchuk (piano-violin department) – are prizewinners of the Special Fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus for support of the talented youth.

Local craftsmen present their works at various festivals and holidays including the International Festival Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk.

The Museum of People’s Glory named after Vladimir Lobanok was founded in Ushachi in 1968. There are 14 thousand exhibits in the museum. The museum has two branches – the memorial-compound “Proryv” and Vasil Bykov’s museum in the village of Kublichi, the home place of the famous Belarusian writer. 

The memorial house-museum of Petrus Brovka in the village of Putilkovichi opened on June 10, 1980 and it is the branch of Petrus Brovka’s museum in Minsk. 

In 2007, the culture department of the Ushachi Regional Executive Committee conducted 25 festivals of villages of the region, 63 concerts of local amateur groups, other cultural events. Art groups of the Ushachi region take part in the oblast and national contests and festivals.