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Organic food market to open near Minsk in late 2020


An organic food market will open near Minsk, not far from the Valerianovo village at the end of 2020, the STV channel reports.

The market will be housed in a four-story building and will cover more than 4,000 square meters.

The market will specialize in eco-friendly products offered by a great variety of producers, from small farms to big agricultural enterprises. Customers will be able to buy meat and dairy products, vegetables and fruit.

There will be a parking lot, entertainment facilities for children, as well as a laboratory that will certify the products.

According to First Deputy Director General of the Agrokombinat Zhdanovichi company Viktor Kovkhuto, customers will be offered exclusive products. "Belarusian products are known for their high quality not only in the country, but also far beyond. Our task is to think over the assortment range. It will feature either new products or exclusive products. We would like to invite enthusiasts who will be able to amaze customers with their cooking skills," he said.