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Discussion in Belarus’ NOC described as productive


The discussion during the meeting dedicated to the Olympic Games was productive, Dmitry Dovgalenok, the NOC vice president-elect, told the media after the event, BelTA learned.

The main theme of the meeting was the preparation of athletes for the upcoming 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. "The meeting discussed the main set of issues and heard reports from several representatives of such medal-generating sports as athletics and swimming. The conversation was productive in general," Dmitry Dovgalenok said.

When asked why fewer Belarusian athletes qualify for the Olympics, the NOC vice president noted that, along with this fact, the country should notice progress the national sport has made in recent years. "The world does not stand still. Every country wants to win medals. Competition has toughened," he said.

"We appreciate the attention from the president, the leadership to sport. New facilities and modern stadiums are built," Dmitry Dovgalenok said.

He believes that more attention should be paid to the coaching staff and the issues of quality which is sometimes lacking. "In order to get the result, we need several components to work: the coach, the athlete. Availability of high-quality sports equipment is as important," he noted.