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Kochanova holds meeting in Polotsk to discuss public health issues


Chair of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of Belarus Natalya Kochanova held a traditional meeting with the medical community of Vitebsk Oblast in Polotsk on 13 April, BelTA has learned.

The participants of the meeting discussed the availability of the necessary medical supplies and equipment, including modern high-tech equipment, in Vitebsk Oblast specifically and the country in general. Other important topics on the agenda were personnel issues and ways to encourage young medical professionals to stay in rural communities. The participants of the meeting also discussed the response of healthcare workers to current challenges, including to the sanctions against the country. Prices and assortment of medicines in pharmacies were also on the agenda, as well as logistics issues and delivery of the necessary equipment to renovated and upgraded healthcare facilities. Natalya Kochanova discussed these and other issues with specialists working on the ground.

Natalya Kochanova keeps public health issues under personal control and regularly holds similar meetings in various regions of Belarus. The visit to Polotsk was another opportunity for her to find out if the region needs any help from the central government or the Healthcare Ministry.

The chairwoman of the Council of the Republic had a frank and cordial discussion with representatives of healthcare facilities of Polotsk and Novopolotsk. Healthcare professionals spoke about current problems and the general situation in the healthcare system. “I have heard that you do not encounter any problems with medicines, repair of medical equipment, including high-tech equipment. Yet there are issues regarding the retention of graduates of medical schools, both nurses and doctors, especially those specializing in pediatrics. Young professionals are provided with housing, including rental homes. However, young doctors and nurses are reluctant to stay in the job after completing the first-job mandatory placement requirement. The Council of the Republic and the Healthcare Ministry are going to come to grips with this problem,” Natalya Kochanova noted at the end of the meeting.

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