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Belarusian paratroopers complete company-sized exercise in Vitebsk Oblast

A paratrooper company of the 103rd Vitebsk Independent Airborne Brigade finished a tactical exercise in the training area Losvido, the Belarusian Defense Ministry told BelTA.

The paratroopers carried out a countersabotage operation in a designated area. The company went to seek and destroy sabotage and reconnaissance units of the simulated enemy and an illegal armed group.

In line with the concept of the exercise the company received its instructions and had to march for 30km to a designated area where the company was reinforced with a grenade launcher unit, an air defense missile unit, and a reconnaissance unit, the company's commander Sergei Dyleiko said.

According to the source, the company was instructed to protect an Air Force flight control center, seek and destroy an illegal armed group. A squad of paratroopers and a scout section were sent to find the enemy. After that the personnel marched to set up an ambush. The enemy tried to evade the ambush but was eliminated by a backup unit. “In the course of the exercise we were constantly getting new data, the situation was changing very rapidly, everything happened dynamically. A commanding officer has to think outside the box in such a situation. Most importantly he has to make the right calls. I can say that the entire company acted smoothly, the guys tried to demonstrate their best qualities,” the company commander said.