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An electric shock is a blow to your pocket


In 2020, the number of accidents during the production of loading and unloading operations in the protective zones of overhead power transmission lines increased, as a result of which damage to the power supply system of business entities or interruptions in the power supply of responsible consumers occur.

Damage to power supply systems leads to significant material damage, which is reimbursed by the business entity that caused this damage to the power supply organization.
So, on 11.08.2020 in the settlement Obol, Shumilinsky district, the victim unloaded crushed stone from a semitrailer at a distance of 10 meters from the axis of the 10 kV overhead line and after unloading began to move towards the axis of the overhead line to leave the parking lot with an unadjusted trailer, which touched the nearest lower wire with its subsequent break. The broken wire remains on the raised vehicle body. The victim, getting out of the car to assess the situation and seeing the smoking wheel of the semi-trailer, decided to drive the car to a safe distance. When entering the cockpit, the driver was exposed to touch voltage. After an unsuccessful attempt to drive away the car, the victim called the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The victim's condition is satisfactory.
19.08.2020 in the Baranovichi district, at the grain storage and storage site of the territory of the branch of Poultry Druzhba OJSC, an individual entrepreneur under a contract for the carriage of goods unloaded grain. After unloading, without lowering the body of the semi-trailer, the car continued to move towards the exit, while hitting the wire of the 10kV overhead line. Coming out of the car, the victim saw the front wheels on fire and decided to drive the car to a safe distance. When approaching the cab and touching the door handle, I came under the contact voltage and was fatally injured by an electric shock.
1.09.2020 in Gomel, the driver of MAZ-5551 stopped a car to unload sand under a 10kV overhead line. When lifting the body, a break occurred and the car caught fire. Work in the security zone of the 10kV overhead line was carried out without permission. Fortunately, the specialists of the Gomel Electric Networks branch and the Ministry of Emergencies worked professionally and this time, there were no casualties.
In connection with the above, we remind you of the mandatory observance of the requirements of the Rules for the protection of electrical networks, including the inadmissibility of storing agricultural products and materials in the security zone of overhead lines, as well as the need to conduct briefings on electrical safety to third-party personnel involved in the implementation of cargo transportation.
It should be noted that for violation of the rules for the protection of electrical networks of the Republic of Belarus, which caused damage to electrical networks or an interruption in the supply of electricity to consumers or causing other damage, liability is provided in the form of a fine for an individual in the amount of 20 to 50 base units, for an individual entrepreneur - from 20 to 100 basic units, and for a legal entity - up to 500 basic units.

Vladimir Klepets,
state inspector
for energy and gas supervision